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Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

The Superior Hiking Trail was GPS'd with a matching grant from the Lake Superior Coastal Program in the fall/early winter 2003. The project was to get accurate GPS data for the trail for land ownership purposes. The only waypoints that were taken were at the campsites and not at scenic features.

Below you will find .gdb and .gpx files for the trail that have a downloadable track log for the trail and waypoints for the campsites and trailhead parking lots. There are also zip files that contain all of the files. You need a Garmin with MapSource software to be able to use this data. There are also pdf files that have the campsite waypoints. These are listed as utmx and utmy coordinates; latitude and longitude in decimal degree format; and latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Note: There may be an odd "snap-back" problem with this data where sometimes a line may be created from a spur trail that snaps back to a starting point. Just ignore these lines.

Please Note: As always, you still need to bring a paper map and compass when hiking on the trail in case of GPS failure or other uncertainties and know how to use them.

Filename: Description:
campsites_sht.gpx Uploaded 6/28/2013 - All campsites as waypoints. For use with Mapsource and others.
campsites_sht.kml Uploaded 6/28/2013 - All of the campsites as waypoints for use in Google Earth and others.
campsites_sht.pdf Uploaded 6/28/2013 - A PDF print out of the UTM15 and Lat/Long coordinates of all campsites. For use with hand entering waypoints or carrying a printout with you.
combined_sht.gpx Uploaded 6/28/2013 - All of the trail in about 32,000 points as track lines. A user in Mapsource or other software can select up to 10,000 points for a track to put on their units.
combined_sht.kml Uploaded 6/28/2013 - All of the trail in 32,000 points as track lines. For use in Google Earth and others.
combined_sht_under_10k_vertices.gpx Uploaded 6/28/2013 - Entire trail in less than 10,000 points. Not as detailed as the other file.


To download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader for "pdf" files go to Adobe.

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