The Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Ely Peak in Duluth
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The Superior Hiking Trail is a long distance footpath on the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior. The trail features cascading creeks, beautiful forests and glorious views. The trail is built and maintained by the non-profit, member-based Superior Hiking Trail Association.

SHTA has completed a 43-mile trail section through Jay Cooke State Park and Duluth. This trail segment features Jay Cooke State Park, Elys Peak, Bardons Peak, the Magney-Snively old growth forest, Spirit Mountain, Enger Park, views of the St. Louis River and Lake Superior, the Lakewalk, UMD's Bagley nature trails, and Hartley Park.

***TRAIL CLOSURES*** The Jay Cooke State Park Visitor Center Trailhead is open but the Palkie Road Trailhead, Grand Portage Trailhead, and the Fond du Lac Trailhead are closed due to the flood of June 2012 and a landowner issue. The current open route goes from the Jay Cooke State Park Visitor Center to the 123rd Ave. W. Trailhead off Beck's Road, 10.9 miles. Here is the trail segment description: From Visitor Center to Palkie Road via the paved Munger Trail 3.0 miles, then on state park and SHT trails to 123rd Ave W. 7.9 miles.

This page includes maps of the new sections and a mile-by-mile description of the trail, including directions to the trailhead parking lots. The trail is a narrow natural soil trail marked with blazes and directional signs. Blue blazes are main trail and white blazes are spur or overlook trails. Changes in trail direction are marked by two rectangles with the top blaze showing the direction to turn. The trail is foot travel only unless another use is specifically permitted on a section of trail.

For your hike, you can print out the directions and maps below.

Trail Sections
Trail Description for 39 Miles of Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth.

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