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Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Campsite Maintenance Report
Use this form to report campsite maintenance activities.
Section Leader Maintenance Report
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Trailhead Hours Log
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Trailhead Problem Report
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Requirements for SHTA Volunteers Working on Superior National Forest Land.

Filename: Description:
1._SHTA_Volunteer_REquirements_on_Superior_National_Forest_Land.pdf This document describes the requirements SHTA volunteers need to follow when working on Superior National Forest land.
2._Volunteer_Services_Agreement_with_Appendix_E.pdf This is the document SHTA signed with the Superior National Forest in April 2014 that outlines the requirements for volunteers.
3._Superior_National_Forest_Job_Hazard_Analysis.pdf This document goes through various tasks and possible hazards and how to abate them. It also details Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that must be worn based on the work being done or tool being used.
4._Form_for_Authorization_for_Injury_Examination_and-or_Treatme.pdf This is the information that will be required for the Forest Service to authorize examination and/or treatments if an injury occurs on Forest Service land. You should take this form with you when you work on the trail. If you have an injury contact the Tofte Ranger District in Tofte (218-663-8060) or the Gunflint Ranger District in Grand Marais (218-387-1750) about how to provide them with the information in this form.
5._Addendum_to_OF-301A_Volunteer_Services_Agreement.pdf : Each volunteer who works on Forest Service land is required to sign this Addendum and return it to SHTA, where it will then be sent to the Forest Service. You can print it out, sign it, and then either scan it and email it to SHTA at volunteer@shta.org or mail it to SHTA at: SHTA, P.O. Box 4, Two Harbors MN 55616.


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