Section Leader Maintenance Report

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

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Date Maintenance Completed (mm/dd/yyyy): *
E-Mail: *
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Hours Spent: *
Hours Spent to Maintain Section (including hiking time and time of others helping you.)
General Trail Condition: *
Please comment on the overall condition of your section.
Trailheads: *
Condition of trailhead (list any work needed to be done)
Signs: *
Condition of signs and sign posts (list any that need work)
Erosion: *
Define eroded areas by distance from a landmark. Tell us what needs to done: water bars, add material, etc. Tell us how the area can be repaired and continued erosion prevented (send an additional email if necessary). Give GPS waypoints if possible and email photos, if possible.
Treadway: *
Tell us the location of wet or muddy areas. Indicate if this is a year-round problem or only in the spring and/or rainy season.
Bridges: *
For each bridge in your section tell us the following: what is its general condition; are the stringers damaged; is the handrail secure; is it anchored securely at both ends?
Boardwalk: *
: What is the condition of the boardwalks in your section? Is the material sound? Have they shifted and become loose? Does any need to be repaired/replaced?
Steps: *
What is the condition of steps in your section? Are they securely anchored? Are they covered with dirt and mud? Do any need to be replaced?
Down Trees: *
Location of trees and limbs down on the trail that you can't remove.
Infringement: *
Areas of growth onto the trai.
Insufficient Clearance: *
Areas where there is insufficient horizontal clearance (4 feet)
Paint Blazed: * Yes
Is the trail paint blazed appropriately?
Directional Signs: * Yes
Are there enough directional signs?
Trail Marker Comments: *
Section Leader Projects: *
List those projects you will complete and give an approximate completion date.
Trail Boss Projects: *
List those projects that will require expertise, materials, or labor above what you wish to do. Please be specific about location, e.g. brushing needed 2 miles either side of Hall Road.
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