Campsite Maintenance Report

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

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Condition of Latrine Signs and Sign Posts: * Good Condition
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Condition of Benches: * Good
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Fire ring cleaned and ashes removed: * Yes
Are there any Illegal Fire Rings?: * Yes
There should be only one fire ring per campsite
If Yes, did you dismantle it?: Yes
Tent Pad Condition: Good
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Tent Pad Work:
If tent pad work is required, what is required?
Who needs to do the work?: I can do the work
Trail maintenance crew needs to do work
Dead Trees: * Yes
Are there any dead trees in the campsite area that need to be removed?
How many dead trees:
Campsite Volunteer Projects:
List those projects you will complete and the approximate completion date.
Trail Boss Projects:
List those projects that require expertise, materials or labor beyond what you are qualified or able to do.
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