About the Superior Hiking Trail Association

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

The Superior Hiking Trail Association (SHTA) is a Minnesota non-profit corporation whose members are dedicated to the completion, preservation and promotion of the Superior Hiking Trail. Today, membership has grown to over 3200 people, including members in 26 states and Canada. HillsideThe most visible activities of the SHTA are the popular organized hikes scheduled throughout the hiking season, including wintertime snowshoe hikes. Hosted by SHTA members and featuring leaders with interpretive skills, such as naturalists, geologists, photographers, and historians, most of the SHTA-sponsored events are one-way day hikes with shuttle service allowing hikers to leave their cars at the final destination and hike to them at their own pace. The SHTA's hiking program also features backpacking trips of several days' duration. SHTA members also have the opportunity to attend the annual business meeting, scheduled in May, and to participate in a weekend full of hiking, fun, and camaraderie planned around the meeting. Trail CrewMost of the Trail was built by crews hired from the local communities and from the Minnesota Conservation Corps (MCC). Much Trail maintenance is provided through a system of volunteers; some have taken responsibility for the upkeep of particular sections, others participate in scheduled maintenance hikes. Scout troops, outdoor clubs and other organizations have undertaken trail maintenance responsibilities. Individual hikers and groups can give something back to the Trail by volunteering to help with trail maintenance. The SHTA will gladly provide you with information on how you can help. The SHTA provides its members with maps, the Ridgeline newsletter, the opportunity to participate in the organized hikes and other activities, and the knowledge that through membership fees they are helping to preserve and protect a precious resource - the Superior Hiking Trail. Members receive a discount on most items in the store.

Superior Hiking Trail Association
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Two Harbors, MN 55616-0004
Phone: 218-834-2700
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E-Mail: hike@shta.org

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