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Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

2014 SHTA GUIDED HIKE PROGRAM: The 2014 SHTA Guided Hike Program offers hikes throughout the year on different sections of trail, Join a guided hike, experience different sections of the trail, and meet others who enjoy the sport of hiking!

All SHTA hikes begin at 10:00 a.m. rain or shine. All hikes are free of charge and open to the public. Each hike is led by a member of the Superior Hiking Trail Association and many include an orientation and briefing by an area naturalist. Wear sturdy boots or hiking shoes, bring lunch, beverages and insect repellant. *** The meeting place is always the end point of the hike. We use a group car shuttle to do the hike. All of the hikers get into half of the cars and those cars go to the starting point of the hike and everyone does the hike. Then at the end of the hike, those with cars at the end point give people with cars at the start point a ride back to their cars. Everyone always drives their own car. It might sound complicated but this system works well! ***

The list of hikes is below. You can print out the schedule as a pdf file by clicking the link at the bottom of the list.

January 18 Snowshoe Hike, 10:00, Gun Club Road to Lake County Road 301

3.4 miles. Snowshoe through mixed forest and along the scenic Silver Creek. Meet at the 301 trailhead parking lot. At Hwy 61 milepost 28.5 turn left on Lake Co. Rd. 3 and go 2 miles. Turn left on Lake Co. Rd. 301 (Fors Rd) and go 0.3 miles to trailhead parking lot on left.

February 8 Snowshoe Hike, 10:00, Hawk Ridge Overlook to Martin Road

3.1 miles Snowshoe along Amity Creek and through the mixed forest area of Downer Park. Meet at the Martin Rd. trailhead parking lot. From I-35 take the 21st Ave. E exit (#258). Turn left on 21st Ave. E and go 0.7 miles up the hill. Turn right on Woodland Ave. and go 1.2 miles. Turn right on Snively Rd. and go 1 mile to intersection with Jean Duluth Rd. Continue straight ahead on Jean Duluth Rd. 1.9 miles. Turn left on Martin Rd. and go 1.0 mile to trailhead parking lot on left.

March 1 Snowshoe Hike, 10:00, Finland Recreation Center to Leskinen Campsite

4.8 miles. This out-and-back snowshoe hike includes ridgeline vistas, mixed forest and the Baptism River. Excellent moose habitat as well. Meet at the Finland Recreation Center trailhead parking lot. At Hwy 61 milepost 59.3 turn left on Hwy 1 and go 6.0 miles to Lake Co. Rd. 7 (Cramer Rd). Turn right and go 1.3 miles to parking lot past ball field at the Finland Rec. Center.

May 17 Spring Hike, 10:00, Lutsen Mountains Recreation Area to Caribou Trail

6.4 miles Hike a very scenic section of the trail with dramatic climbs and descents, nice overviews, and several miles along the Poplar River and Lake Agnes. Meet at the Caribou Trail parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 92.0 turn left on Caribou Trail (Cook Co. Rd. 4) and go 4.1 miles to Co. Rd. 94 (watch for SHT sign). Turn right and take immediate left to trailhead parking lot.

June 7 National Trails Day Hikes -- Enjoy treats before we start hiking to celebrate the day!

Long Hike - 8.0 miles. Temperance River State Park to Cook County Road 1 Hike along the beautiful Temperance and Cross Rivers for several miles with many climbs and descents. The trail then comes to marshy Boney’s Meadow area and then climbs to Tower Overlook for one last view. Meet at the Cook Co. Rd. 1 parking lot.

Short Hike - 2.2 miles. Cook County Road 1 to Dyers Creek campsite and back This out-and-back hike has an abundance of wildflowers as it winds through mixed conifers toward the confluence of the Two Island River and Dyer’s Creek.

Both June 7 hikes meet at the Cook County Road 1 trailhead parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 78.8, turn left on Cook Co. Rd. 1 (Cramer Rd.) and go 3.6 miles to parking lot on right.

July 19, 10:00, Grand Marais to Cook County Road 58

4.9 miles. Enjoy beautiful views as the trail climbs to the summit of Pincushion Mountain and then descends into and climbs out of the dramatic Devil Track River gorge. Meet at the Cook Co. Rd. 58 (Lindskog Rd) trailhead parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 113.8 turn left and go 0.8 miles to trailhead parking lot on the left.

August 16, 10:00, Sucker River to Fox Farm Road

5.0 miles. “Watch the forest re-grow.” This trail section was logged in 2013 and this hike will draw special attention to the new growth that is occurring. Enjoy the rolling terrain, beaver ponds and new views. Meet at the Fox Farm Rd. trailhead parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 14.9, turn north (inland) on Homestead Rd. (Co. Rd. 42) and go 5.75 miles. Turn left (west) on West Knife River Rd. and go 0.5 miles. Turn right (north) on App Rd. and go 1.5 miles to intersection with Two Harbors Rd. on right. App Rd. changes to Fox Farm Rd. at this intersection. Continue straight (north) on Fox Farm Rd. 0.9 to trailhead parking lot on left.

September 20, 10:00, Cook County Road 70 to Arrowhead Trail

8.5 miles. Hike an easier section of the trail that includes a large number of ponds that attract waterfowl, beaver and moose with balsam, birch, alder, white pine and cedar trees throughout this section. The trail also crosses Flute Reed River tributaries and meanders along Carlson Creek. Meet at the Arrowhead Trail trailhead parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 128.9, turn left on Arrowhead Trail (Cook Co. Rd. 16) and go 3.3 miles to the trailhead parking lot on right.

September 27, Fall Color Hike, 10:00, Lower Chalet at Spirit Mountain to 123rd Avenue West

6.2 miles. Hike through the scenic forests of Spirit Mountain with interesting rock outcrops and views. Then enjoy magnificent views of the St. Louis River valley from the summit of Ely’s Peak. This hike coincides with the peak of the hawk migration. Meet at the 123rd Ave. West trailhead parking lot. 1) From I-35, take Midway Rd. exit #246. Go south on Midway Rd/Beck’s Rd. 2.7 miles. Turn left on 123rd Ave. W and go one block to parking lot on left. 2) From Duluth, on Grand Ave., go south to Beck’s Rd. Turn right on Beck’s Rd., go 1.8 miles to 123rd Ave. West. Go right one block to parking lot.

October 4, 10:00, Rossini Road to Lake County Demonstration Forest

6.9 miles. Hike this easier section of trail through a range of forests from older maple and fir-aspen-birch to areas that show regrowth from logging. The trail has several bridge crossings over tributaries of McCarthy Creek, Knife River and other smaller creeks. There is also evidence of historic railroad and mining operations. Meet at the Lake Co. Demonstration Forest trailhead parking lot. At Hwy. 61 milepost 26.0 in Two Harbors, turn north (inland) on Hwy. 2 (Lake Co. Rd.2) and go 3 miles. Turn left on Hwy. 12 (Co. Rd. 12) and go 2.5 miles. Turn right on Holm Rd. and go 0.5 miles. Turn left on Drummond Grade (Co. Rd. 131) and go 2.5 miles to parking lot on right.

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