Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

August 13, 2014: STINGING WASPS: As is usual for this time of year, there have been reports of wasps with nests near or under boardwalks and bridges that have stung people. 1) On the Cove Point Spur Loop, where the stem of the loop splits into the east and west spur trails, just starting on the east spur there is a nest under a boardwalk. This is not on the main SHT. 2) Just north of the Chapin's Creek Campsite, the trail descends downward and then crosses a creek/old beaver pond on elevated boardwalk. The wasps are under the elevated boardwalk at both ends. Despite a couple of sprayings they are still there. 3) On the Bean and Bear Lake Loop, under the small bridge right before the spur to the Penn Creek Campsite. 4) On the long spur to the Bean and Bear Lakes Loop that starts at the Silver Bay Historical Society Trailhead (not the Penn Blvd Trailhead), the first bridge that you cross after leaving the ATV trail. 5) North of Hovland just east of the Cook Co Rd 70 Trailhead parking lot by a boardwalk. 6) At the very end of the trail on the spur trail to the 270 Degree Overlook, 0.5 miles after you start north on the spur trail. *** Walk carefully on bridges and boardwalks and if you're in a group, spread out and look for wasp activity after the first person has crossed. If you notice any activity, swing a wide arc around these areas. There may be other areas on the trail where there are wasp nests. It appears to be a bad year.
August 8, 2014: The Cascade River Wayside is closed for reconstruction and there is no parking there. Other parking options are at the SHT parking lot on the north end of the Cascade River Loop on Co Rd 45 (Pike Lake Road) or inside the state park (state park sticker needed) at the hiker parking lot. From this lot it's only a 0.1 mile hike to the Cascade River and the SHT. The Superior Shuttle will pick up hikers at this parking lot instead of the Cascade River Wayside.
August 7, 2014: The trail is in good hiking condition. North of Hovland there are some wet areas where beavers have been active recently. Mosquitoes are reported to be greatly reduced, although still around. We are getting some more reports of ground nests of wasps that sting. See entry below.
August 1, 2014, BRIDGES OUT ON THE TRAIL: 1) North of Two Harbors in the Co Rd 301 to Castle Danger section: The Encampment River Bridge is out. The section has re-opened and a wet water crossing is possible to wade across the river unless there is high water after a rain event. It is impossible for us to predict when the water will be high. Here are the directions for a 6.8 mile roadwalk around this section: From Co Rd 301 (Fors Rd) trailhead parking lot, take the SHT 0.4 miles until it crosses Co Rd 3 (Hwy 3). Turn left (northeast) and go 4.7 miles to West Castle Danger Road. Turn right (east) and go 1.6 miles to where SHT crosses road. Go left on SHT 0.1 miles to Castle Danger Trailhead parking lot. *** 2) South of Grand Marais in the section Cascade River State Park to Bally Creek Road (also on the Cascade River Loop), the Trout Creek Bridge on the east side of the Cascade River is out for the foreseeable future. The creek is crossable on stepping stones in low water, but will be impassable after a rain event. In that case, use the trail on the west side of the Cascade River. It is impossible for SHTA to predict when the creek is crossable. .
June 5, 2014: DULUTH TRAILHEAD ISSUES: 1)Closure of Palkie Road Trailhead parking lot on north boundary of Jay Cooke State Park on southern end of SHT: Because of land issues between the state park and a private landowner, the Palkie Road Trailhead is not available for parking. This means the distance from the Jay Cooke State Park Visitor Center to the next available trailhead parking lot at 123rd Ave West is 11.1 miles; 2) Closure of Skyline Parkway at Highland/Getchell due to road construction. You can still hike through on the trail. There is parking available in a little parking lot at Skyline Parkway and St. Louis River Road about 0.5 miles further north; 3) There is a new parking lot on 40th Ave West/Haines Road in the section Skyline Parkway at Highland/Getchell to N 24th Ave W. Lovely new parking lot right next to the new box culvert that goes under Haines Road for the Superior Hiking Trail. From I-35, take 40th Ave W Exit #253B and go uphill 1.7 miles to parking lot on right.
May 11, 2012: Please make sure you camp only at designated campsites. People have been camping illegally on state park and private land! Campsites are required to be shared by parties. There is always room to squeeze another tent in at the site, so be polite. Please use only the main camp fire ring and do not make any additional rings anywhere. The camp fire rings must be dug down to a depth of 18" to get out all roots and they are placed away from trees with overhanging branches.

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